Switch to e-cigs


Why would you want to switch from conventional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes?

Well as described in some of our other posts there is a health aspect that should not be neglected. When normal tobacco is burned you happen to inhale 4.000 different chemicals. Mostly not the ones you would want to inhale. Not to mention the 90 carcinogens which aggregate in your body. Yes, of course vaping is not the best for your health either but according to several studies there is nowadays the assumption that vaping or using e-cigarettes is less harmful than smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes.

My experiences

When I switched I smoked both in the beginning. Normal and e-cigs. But by the time I decreased my tobacco cigs and started to explore all the different flavors and ingredients which are available on the market. But let me advise you – before you start ordering across different websites check out who is behind it. Same goes for the stores which pop up everywhere since the e-cig trend is picking up. You need to know where your liquids come from, what is inside and how they are handled correctly. Because what you don’t want  is to inhale more chemicals in the end than you did before doing the switch from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. There is so much stuff out there that you really need to take care what you are filling into your e-cigarette. But once you have found your supplier – the fun starts. All these flavors plus you can choose the amount of nicotine. And here is another advise: use enough nicotine so you have the same flash you might get when smoking your good old ones. Mentioned that you see there is another advantage – you can increase or decrease the amount of nicotine – however you feel like. Therefore it will be easier for you to stop smoking completely at some point – if that is your goal in the long run.

Starter Kit recommendation

To make sure you start off right – and this is just a recommendation, try the kit I bought first – and I am still using it: It is the Vapor Zeus Auto – Premium Vape Kit – like others I can only say – its a great product that gives you a great experience especially when you are not sure if switching is the right thing for you. Yes it is a bit  expensive but again – quality is a crucial thing in the e-cig business. You want to know who is behind your products.

I hope this helped you a bit and you can now make a decision on if or if not you want to switch to electronic cigarettes.